31 October 2008

Halloween Trivia

I have always been fascinated with the origins of Halloween and witches, such as the Salem Witches. It is a study of mankind to see how mass hysteria develops and takes place. And aren't we morbidly curious about things like this?

Here is a link to a nice little article about Historic Haunts. Make sure to see all the Historic Haunts articles that are listed on the left side. While you are there check out the rest of the offerings: The History of the Jack O' Lantern, The Real Story of Halloween, and more.

And if you would like, go to Salem Witch Trials to read a little about that. It is very interesting.

Just for fun or maybe to see a little bit about how mass hysteria might have been helped along check out Superstitions: old wives tales, folklore, bizarre beliefs, taboos, omens, lucky & unlucky things.

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