23 October 2008

My Free Trial Subscription

I signed up again to Ancestry.com. I just have their 14 day free trial so far. I have been using this online service for many years and really like it. But I let my membership go a few months ago because I just didn't have the time to use their services. Now that I have more time I am seriously considering subscribing again. If you are interested in checking them out go to Ancestry.com Free Trial
How long can one not work on genealogy? For me, it isn't very long. I am addicted. So, now I will see if I can stick with the 14 day free trial or will I buy a subscription. I might check out some other online subscriptions as well. Maybe I can find some other free trials.

I have heard of another service called, Footnote. I haven't checked them out yet, but I think I might. There's also genealogy.com, which I think used to be owned by the people who put out the Family Tree Maker software. I think they may be owned by Ancestry now. I'll have to check into that. I use the Family Tree Maker program on my computer and I like it, it is very user friendly.

And there are tons of free sites out there. I will have to write up a little critique of some of them when I can afford the time.

But for now I am going to use up my 14 day free trial and get as much as I can from it. And, I know in the long run I will be back to Ancestry, they really do offer a lot for the price.

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